About Me


Hello and thank you so much for passing by my blog! My name is Anna and I am a family&wedding photographer based in Palermo, Italy. 

I narrate stories about happy people who love each other. I try to combine artistic and documentary approach and create natural, warm and authentic pictures saving the most precious moments and happiness. 

In 2011 I moved to Sicily from Kyiv and began shooting the world around me. Then my friends asked me to take pictures of them, and then friends of friends. Step by step photography became more than just a hobby, it turned into profession. 

I love people, good books, nature, traveling and any kind of beauty that I have a chance to see in my everyday life. I am also so inspired by my family and my daughter Lidia:) 

Please feel free to contact me for your Sicily wedding, engagement or elopement, family stories, vacation and maternity photography at: vlasyuk15@yahoo.com 

Working in Sicily and continental Italy. 
I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English&Italian. 
I am opened to new projects, ideas and good people. 

Each photo is made with love. For you. 



  1. I am very proud and happy to know this artist of photography

  2. Здравствуйте, хотел бы поговорить по поводу фото сессии ... можете со мной связаться ?
    Вот мой emale : romaralli@mail.ru