Wednesday, January 30

Elopement in Sicily | Palermo Wedding for Two

EN Beautiful and romantic wedding in Sicily for two young artists - Katya and Maksim. They decided to elope far away to Palermo searching for authentic Sicilian spirit. Everything was so "true" that day - their preparations took place at Sicilian nobles' house, they united their hearts on the rooftop overlooking magnificent Palermo (the ceremony was so touching that we couldn't stop crying:)), and then took memorable pictures in the most characteristic points. 

Just look at them - so young, happy, natural, deeply in love!

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Organization: @enjoy_sicily 
Video: @meseptember 

RU Красивейшая сицилийская история Кати и Максима - влюбленной пары художников, сбежавших от суеты большого города в солнечный Палермо. 

Больше о свадьбе и истории ребят можно прочесть по ссылочке на 

А тут частичка волшебного дня в фотографиях. 

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