Monday, April 9

Post-Wedding Shoot in Taormina, Sicily

EN I think nature and love is the best combination ever. 

Daria & Mikhail travelled half the globe to admire the beauty of Southern Italy and felt in love with Sicily. They have married a few months ago but could't lose the chance to put the wedding dress on one more time:) Together we were exploring  Isola Bella and morning streets of Taormina. 

I just adore the sunrise time - you could never imagine this small overcrowded city being so silent and beautiful.

RU Послесвадебная съемка чудесных Даши и Миши в Таормине. Любовь в сердце, красота природы и еще один повод надеть красивейшее свадебное платье. Обожаю утро  -  именно в это время шумная Таормина становится такой уютной и тихой.

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